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Super weapons

August 17, 2015

Super weapons can be selected from ones offered for free or purchased while selecting the character and used during the game to cause even more damage to the enemy's health and armour. You can use only one super weapon for the FIGHT, once you've used it, you will have to wait until the end of the match, to get another one.

\uploads\image\Iron.png Hard and heavy objects falling from above usually hurt a lot, even when this happens underwater.
Damages Health by 1500p

\uploads\image\Rocket.png Hat is more dangerous than a rocket filled with TNT? Underwater rocket with TNT!
Damages Health by1500p
Damages Armor by 750p

\uploads\image\Onion.png Chemical warfare is forbidden on the surface, and this small onion fighter had to get to sea bottom in order to avoid prison.
Damages Health by 500p
Damages Attack by 750p
Damages Armor by 750p

\uploads\image\Jaws.png These razor sharp jaws would not remain indifferent those who are fond of biting. Bite your opponents’ butts and bottoms
Damages Health by 1500p
Damages Armor by 250p

\uploads\image\Bumerang.png Exotic weapon lovers could always display their own peculiarity by hurling this dangerous thing against their underwater opponents.
Damages Health by 1000p

\uploads\image\Potion.png Even the most harmless fishes could become stronger than a whale by drinking this bitter essence of whale’s baleen and turtle’s shell.
Recharges Health by 250p
Recharges Attack by 750p
Recharges Armor by 750p