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Some playing tactics

August 17, 2015

Ok, ok, we know what you are thinking… You gotta be kidding me! A match 3 game tactics? Is it that really hard to win?” But don’t forget, Riverstones is a match 3 online multiplayer, where you are playing against other players. Take a second to think about all the times you have played.

So, by improving your matching tactics, you may improve the overall gameplay.

Four is better than three!

This sounds a bit obvious, but go for the matches that will give you the highest amount of points. Matching four or five is better than three, six or seven in any preferably shapes is even better. Let me tell you something, matching horizontally increases the likelihood of forming another combo immediately after creating one. So when you are deciding to create horizontally or vertically, go with the horizontal combo.

As low as possible!

It’s very common to settle for matches wherever you spot them to start creating combos. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the largest matches and going for it. All of these approaches will work, but if you can, try and create matches as low on the board as possible. The lower, the better. This causes a larger shift in the stones that are already on the board, and will results in a greater “trickle” effect. This is the best strategy for creating combos to hit your opponents.


Use your super weapon!

Don’t forget to use your super weapon during the FIGHT. You can perform some extra damage to the enemys’ characteristics, especially when he’s got low health level. So, keep your super weapon until it’s time to hit hard.