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Creatures of the mekoo river

August 17, 2015

The Mekoo River dwellers had to quickly shape up and become the Mekoo River Protectors. They rose to the challenge, and soon learned that each of them possessed unique and vital powers. Working together, they conquered KRILLA and locked the krill’s magic into the river stones.

The River Protectors fight against each other to stay alert and ready. If another enemy – or an ANEMON ENEMY – ever threatens their world again, the Mekoo River Protectors will be ready for the fight! Please feel free to choose your favorite character, maybe you'll like Sharkie Chokaboardies or Brother Butrackus, no matter who it will be, you will get a high level fighter. Be prepared for challenges of the future FIGHTS!

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Sharkie Chokaboardies

Curious and reasonable hummer head shark, who likes surfing and wears fashionably stylish boardies everywhere. Sharkie also investigates cases of unprovoked aggression from strange above-water pink-skinned swimmers, who recently hurt few underwater surfers. Super powers - Surfs over his opponent and hurts him

Captain Hooliga

In her long wild life, Captain Hooliga, the fierce angler fish, has captained many underwater boats and prevented many mutinies, sometimes violently, but never ineffectively. Nowadays she hangs out at the Rivo Protecto Training Gym, pumps iron, and practises linking Riverstones. Super powers - Throws her knives and disorients opponents

Brother Batrackus

This peaceful, meditative frog was content in his loner ways, but his mastery in linking Riverstones meant that he had to join the Protectors, if only to teach them a thing or two. He’d rather be alone, but he does his duty. Brother Batrackus is wise in the ways of Riverstones, but not the one with the most social graces. Sometimes he’s meditating, sometimes he’s just ignoring you. Super powers - Noisy belches at his opponent

Redneck Fish

Though Mississippi fish, who likes getting into a mess, where he can prove his strength by throwing empty bottles into his opponents. Super power - throws empty bottles into his opponents