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Riverstones patchnote 1.0.8

March 7, 2016

Riverstones got some new exciting updates. See detailed list

Riverstones patchnote 0.8.0

September 8, 2015

Your favorite stones are updated. We hope you enjoy playing. More splashes! More fun!

Super weapons

August 17, 2015

Super weapons can be selected from ones offered for free or purchased while selecting the character and used during the game to cause even more damage to the enemy's health and armour. You can use only one super weapon for the FIGHT, once you've used it, you will have to wait until the end of the match, to get another one.

Creatures of the mekoo river

August 17, 2015

The Mekoo River dwellers had to quickly shape up and become the Mekoo River Protectors. They rose to the challenge, and soon learned that each of them possessed unique and vital powers. Working together, they conquered KRILLA and locked the krill’s magic into the river stones.

Characters properties experience

August 17, 2015

During the game you earn a certain amount of game experience, depending on the outcome of the FIGHT. Game experience accumulates on the character that was selected prior the FIGHT. And there is more, that experience can not be transferred to any other game character - it can only be earned by playing.

Some playing tactics

August 17, 2015

Ok, ok, we know what you are thinking… You gotta be kidding me! A match 3 game tactics? Is it that really hard to win?” But don’t forget, Riverstones is a match 3 online multiplayer, where you are playing against other players. Take a second to think about all the times you have played.